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***Feather Cards - Assorted Set 10

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Each Feather Card includes a story about the significance and symbolism of the feather:
Please take this feather offering and put it in your cap, hat, or home. The feather symbolizes strength, freedom and wisdom. May you always feel these in abundance.

$3.00 per card

Each set includes 1 of the following:
1. If You Want To Fly, Give Up Everything That Weighs You Down. -Toni Morrison
2. This Sky Where We Live Is No Place To Lose Your Wings So Love, Love, Love. - Hafiz
3. May You Travel Through Life On The Wings Of Angels.
4. I Believe That If One Always Looked At The Skies, One Would End Up With Wings. -Gustave Flaubert
5. She Flies With Her Own Wings.
6. Hope Is The Thing With Feathers That Perches In The Soul. -Emily Dickinson
7. Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near.
8. Just Think Of Happy Thoughts And You'll Fly. -Peter Pan
9. What If I Fall? Oh, But My Darling, What If You Fly? -Erin Hanson
10. Your Wings Already Exist, All You Have To Do Is Fly.