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Aventurine Crystal Candle - 11oz

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Step into a realm where the ethereal dance of candlelight meets the enchanting allure of amethyst crystals. Our Aventurine Crystal Candle isn't just a source of light; it's a portal to a world where serenity, spirituality, and whimsy converge. 


  • Stone: Aventurine
  • Soy Blend, Cherry Wood Wick
  • Scent: Musk & Citrus
  • Burn Time: Approximately 44 hours - 11oz
  • Stone Properties:
    • Positive stone of prosperity
    • Diffusing negative emotions
    • Reinforcing leadership, promoting compassion, and encouraging perseverance

A note from the artist: Light the candle while setting your intention on how you would like the crystals to elevate your goals and desires. Some people like to program their crystals with intentions such as love, peace, healing, abundance, or protection. When you are ready to remove the crystals, extinguish the flame and wait until the wax has cooled but is still soft.

After removing the crystals place under your pillow or in a sacred place, or wear as an amulet for protection. To recharge your crystals, place outside at night once in a while in the light of the moon. 

Love, light, & blessings always,


Jul 26, 2024