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***Message in a Bottle Littles Collection - Assorted Set of 16

SKU: JW169
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*Earrings are $9 wholesale each
*Necklaces are $12 wholesale each

Set includes 2 of all 8 designs:
-Flower Earrings - "Be always blooming."
-Ladybug Earrings - "Lovebugs for your lovely ears."
-Butterfly Earrings - "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly."
-Cat Earrings - "You are the cat's meow."
-Star Necklace - "Follow your star."
-Moon with Words Necklace - "To the moon & back."
-Ladybug Necklace - "For my sweet ladybug."
-Cat Necklace - "Love you meow & forever."

These earrings and necklaces each come with a card and a glass vial, perfect for gift giving.